Best Social Media Management Tools for Your Startup Business

Starting a small business can be challenging. There are different aspects to deal with. Social media management is one of them. The best way to establish a brand name is by maximizing social media. The only problem is that other companies do the same. They also have different strategies to have an impact. Standing out isn’t easy, but it can happen with the right tools. Here are some of them. 


This website is a popular platform that allows small businesses to plan and schedule online campaigns. Instead of manually posting information on social media, the software does the job. Once scheduled, the post will go live. It can also help monitor messages and track relevant information. There’s a free version available to those who want to try how the software works. It will last for 30 days. If deemed appropriate, advanced features are available at an affordable price.


This platform focuses on automating content posting like HootSuite. It also has other features that help in creating a variation of the same post. Once posted, the business can receive engagement updates. There are flexible options for monthly fees, depending on how much the company is willing to pay. 

Zoho Social 

Zoho Social is a flexible option for businesses that run campaigns on all social media platforms. Managing campaigns across these platforms becomes easier. Apart from the basic features, it can also help analyze when it is best to target the audiences. Instead of deciding when to post information, the software will analyze it. Since this platform is part of the bigger Zoho One Suite package, it’s easy to integrate with other helpful marketing tools to optimize performance. 

Sprout Social 

This software is useful because of its analytics features. It can help monitor conversations and brand mentions. It can also determine trends in social media marketing campaigns. The best part is that it has an inbox that is easy to manage. It also offers specific features to help in customizing the experience. If unsure, the platform provides free trials and demos. 


If there’s a hard time organizing the social media campaigns, this is the perfect option. It provides tools to publish, report, and monitor social media activities. If there are brand mentions, there will be notifications in the inbox. Responding to reviews and other mentions will be a lot easier. It allows business owners to stay updated on conversations across the platforms. For single users, there’s a free option that is useful for up to three accounts. The paid option for teams is also affordable. 


This tool allows the organization of social media marketing efforts in one place. It can also help manage blog posts and ad campaigns. It’s an ideal option for small businesses trying to utilize as many platforms as possible. Putting them together in one place becomes less challenging. 


This tool helps in social media scheduling and analytics. It works perfectly for small businesses with a robust online presence. Despite the number of social networks to deal with, the tool can do the job. It also works when there’s a high volume of brand mentions and other online activities. With SocialPilot, it’s easier to manage up to 200 accounts a day. Dealing with 1,000 posts isn’t a problem, either. There are additional features such as a central inbox that help manage teams.  


This tool focuses on Twitter, as the name suggests. Due to its popularity, Twitter already acquired it. If the company identifies Twitter as the best marketing platform, getting the job done is easier. From the organization and monitoring of posts, everything can happen through this tool. It’s also possible to set up multiple streams of content to make things easier to monitor. The best part is it’s free to use. Anyone with a Twitter account can use it. It may not be as flexible or advanced as other tools, but it works for companies trying to maximize Twitter. With its help, it’s easier to create an advanced presence on the social media site. 

Choose the right social media management platform 

With the help of various tools, it’s easier to manage online marketing campaigns. It could take a while to succeed, but it’s possible. Small businesses need whatever tools are available to have an edge in the competition. Remember that more established companies have qualified experts who help them in managing social media campaigns. It doesn’t hurt to use these tools if suitable. Besides, other small businesses also tried using them before. Their companies succeeded in maintaining a solid online presence. 

Try whatever works and see where it goes. If the tools help, continue using them. Otherwise, there are other useful platforms to use. Some are free, and others come at a reasonable price.